On the 29th of April our Linguistic Gymnasium was delighted to welcome the volunteer team of the NGO called CACTUS (Community ACTion Ukrainian Style). 7 teachers from all around the country held one-day English seminar at our school. We have covered the topics of the Critical Thinking, Community Activism, Project Management, and Human Rights.

We were divided into 3 teams (like classes); our lessons lasted approximately for 45-50 minutes (like at school). However, we played various games and had a great many of interactive activities during the day; this is the thing our students enjoyed the most.

It is the second time CACTUS comes to Uzhhorod, but our Gymnasium had a chance to host it for the first time. Our Linguistic Gymnasium also welcomed children from other schools. We truly hope that the things we’ve learned during the event were a great lesson to learn for both students and teachers. The informal education is a thing to be promoted in today’s Ukraine; our Gymnasium is already on its way!